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More info on the NEW iTera-Bio Lite!

by John Scevola (Nov 2023)


The NEW iTera-Bio LITE.


The Itera-Bio Lite ($1,300.00) is approximately 80% as effective as the $4,500.00 iTera-Bio. 


It's Terahertz (THz) Gap, Far Infared (FIR), and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) stimulate and energize one's foot acupuncture points and blood travelling through the body, approximately once every 45 seconds.


It is totally SILENT. Great to use while watching TV, reading, or meditating.


Supports the clearing of blockages, and improved circulation from the inside out.


Supports the purification of the body, increased metabolism, and the removal of waste from the body.


Supports detoxification of the intestines, burning of fat, firming skin, and delaying the effects of aging.


15 mins a day can be equivalent to:

• 60 mins of Aerobic Exercise

• 8 hours of Massage with bare hands

• 60 mins of Sweating

• 30 mins of Gua Sha

• 180 mins of Moxibustion

• 20 times of Cupping


Suitable for:

• Individuals with a cold and damp physique

• Office workers

• Postpartum mothers

• Obese individuals

• Individuals interested in enhancing their beauty

• Middle-aged and elderly individuals

• Individuals who sit or stand for prolonged periods

• Individuals with hypertension, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar


Warm up your body inside out! This practice helps drive away cold and dampness, while also eliminating blockages to promote the rebuilding of a healthier you.

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