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The knock-off on the left, the authentic iTeracare on the right

The knock-off uses a "terahertz" sticker, they call chip.  You can buy these stickers for $10 for 10 on Amazon

Some people online trying to pedal their knock-off as the real iTeracare.  The real iTeracare is patented, exhaustively tested and certified by the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology, manufactured exclusively by DeShang Int'l., and exclusively marketed worldwide by Prife International.  Brands are iTeracare; Classic, Premium, and Pro models, 7 Wonders water, IonShield negative Ion Pendant, and iTera-Bio a whole body rejuvenation device.

NOT iTeracare.png

The Classic now has PRIFE on it (Authentic -- Genuine wand identification!) & Numbers for each setting!  (always improving;)

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