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The Renew Patch

Nature’s Frequencies Renew is a proprietary formula of powerful numerical frequencies and botanical ingredients known to renew, reset, restore, refresh, revitalize and rejuvenate your body inside and out to help you look and feel younger and healthier! The powerful ingredients in Renew are known to promote increased energy, vitality and longevity.

Renew is formulated to provide relief from inflammation and discomfort while improving flexibility and mobility. Renew also provides relief from stress, worry and tension, while also enhancing the quality and quantity of sleep to provide the deep restorative sleep needed to wake up renewed, refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated to help achieve and maintain optimal emotional and physical health and well-being.

Nature’s Frequencies Renew Patches are non-transdermal wearable energetic health and wellness patches programmed with the power of nature’s frequencies utilizing our US-Patented technology. The patches are designed for people and pets.


💜 Rejuvenate & Revitalize the Body Inside & Out

💜 Improve Skin Appearance & Radiance

💜 Increase Energy & Vitality

💜 Enhance Quality & Quantity of Sleep

💜 Improve Mobility & Flexibility

💜 Increase Performance & Endurance

💜 Reduce Discomfort & Inflammation

💜 Reduce Stress, Worry & Tension

RENEW T1.jpg
RENEW T2.jpg


24 patches in a pack $60

6 pack $360

Bundle:  3 RENEW packs 3 EMF packs

* NEW Distributors put order in just like you would to order a Classic, 7 Wonders Water or IonShield.

$360 puts them in as at SILVER Level.

EXISTING Distributors can use their Bonus or Purchase Redemption points -- Shipping not included.

Example:  Bundle is $21 SH / 2 RENEW & 1 EMF is $14 SH

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