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The EMF Shield

Protect yourself from the harmful effects of non-ionizing EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation. Newly designed for 5G. For use on:

  • Cell phones

  • Laptops

  • iPads 

  • Smart Meters

  • Smart TV’s 

  • PDAs

  • Devices sending & receiving electronic data

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2 patches in a pack $60

6 pack $360

Bundle:  3 RENEW packs 3 EMF packs

* NEW Distributors put order in just like you would to order a Classic, 7 Wonders Water or IonShield.

$360 puts them in as at SILVER Level.

EXISTING Distributors can use their Bonus or Purchase Redemption points -- Shipping not included.

Example:  Bundle is $21 SH / 2 RENEW & 1 EMF is $14 SH

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