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DETOX PRO is the herbal detoxification product using Quantum wave technology to detoxify and cleanse the major five organs inside the human body. 

TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice of the 5 elements


Read the entire Booklet:

You will be investing in your overall health & longevity when you decide to use Detox Pro. It is vital to follow the directions carefully for the best results!  We look forward to hearing your story.  Here's to your Best Health today and all your days!


Barbara Turner 

Tel: 240-640-6902


To Order:  Detox Pro $800.00 select quantity 1 for set.
Note on the registration form: No need to fill in banking information to order.  Mebo Rejuvenate is a larger capsule & suggested for use on skin.  Simply pierce the capsule.
Note To become a distributor:  Complete the registration form and select a minimum $240 Mebo which is 6 bottles, so select quantity 3 for sets (2 bottles in each set).
Any questions or assistance purchasing or enrolling, please contact me anytime.

Norland Mebo ID # US6165938

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